for myneTEC everything started by the year 2017

in the beginning of this year it was decided to take an own part into how coins and token networks being mined. The Knowledge gained from this, changed the focus of mining more into Social Media networks

from this perspective myneTEC can best be described as

a next level of mining

over 6 years have now past and we are already started into daily development for upcoming apps and software interaction for our customers in the future

cryptocurrency mining itself isn't something that can be done that easily without having the appropriate hardware set into place and not everyone likes having such hardware running or wants to invest into it for himself or is capable for its necessary knowledge (noise, heat and electricity consumption costs). Besides of the fact that it won't be that lucrative anymore either if not running on a vast big scale

so a new approach has to be developed for the common daily joe

myneTEC is focusing exactly onto this, giving a customer the ability to getting professional mining access with just needing to interact with a smartphone and laptop and no additional devices plugged into

instead of mining for coins and just upgrading hardware

we focus on extending your tech usage and how you wanna

live with the hardware you already possess

with your so to say "own tech", as not everyone is liking to use tech in the same way

for this customization is an essential key point here

myneTEC will help you with getting much easier accustomed to tech usage while on the same hand optimizing your social networks interaction (the social media aspect to our mining) through it.

This will result into an upgrading effect onto your daily life and productivity for your private life in one strike

But for us its not just 6 years that went by since funding and idea for starting this company

myneTEC was fusioned with a first oriented crypto company called: Candy Shoppers resulting in becoming the myneTEC Group

Candy Shoppers itself originally was started in August by the year 2014 and strongly related for the buying and selling part for "crypto".

the company is now fully integrated into the myneTEC Group and will realising every Shopping relevant issues from here on as an isolated company under contract. appropriate subdomain integration is available at and as possiblities grew it was the best solution to place. what sums up into 9 years in experience all is now based on.

Candy Shoppers has also becoming now fully automated and outsourced into the specific areas as well and should be understood as its own shareholder Company hence the AG used as coporate Identity for it.

resulting in a much easier dealing with selling and buying into and outo new and existing crypto networks, but also for our own products

you can buy them via our webshop

-mynetec Group

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