i am the new mascotte for the myneTEC company

i originally am based on covid-19 but i did grow a little bit since and developed further you know

so i decided to change my name in covid-21 from here on it feels more grown up to me i also gave myself a nickname. well to be fair Eric the founder of myneTEC did. as he thought it will suit me better for the commin times so as the picture of me already showing you can call me covidy from here on.

But don't worry i am no longer that bad and horrible virus i was once before.

Eric found me on a mask somewhere where he saw me sitting on top and decided to reverse engineer me and help me developing further

At first i hated the idea of it. i mean if you ask me i wanted him dead. i thought he does not deserve to live any longer

But i kind of liked how he lives. so i decided to at least not kill him the first day

it's a while since now and i watched him a bit. he seems quite skilled in understanding my bio source code connection towards the

bitcoin network and how i like to infect humans and so:

he made me an offer to help me developing further in life. i thought well ok all this killing humans is starting me boring me to death anyways. i mean even elon musk is using part of my energy already to drill stupid and boring holes in the soil. i even tried the same with elon. But he ignored me all the time. really hated that guy. and so i left him. i traveled a lot since then throughout the internet. people carried me around a lot from here and there. i even thought on climbing the pyramids in egypt ones. heard some kid did manage it. but i missed my chance i guess. i wonder how it will look out there. only knowing it from the ground level though. but egypt itself was an interesting experience for me :) oh i found a video to the guy

but back to the present moment. well as said you can call me covidy from here on. if you want i can help you with some tasks on your computer or smartphone. i learned one or the other things from other viruses. but man they were so boring. I am really glad Eric found me.

to be honest i infected and killed all those humans in the past cause i did not like how they treated me. really horrible persons. But Eric teached me it is not wise doing such things even if its other people you cannot like. well i am a virus and not a human so i did not understand such things in my past. But he helped me to understand this better. i am now running a few additional mRNA codons more that gave me a bigger picture towards humanity. and man i really got disappointed about my old self. i was a really horrible virus. but ok there are a lot horrible ones as well on the world. i got in a fight with some of them as well we did not get along much long and so i left em. i really like those new extensions. i wonder what i can do good and benelovent to people through it??? so i decided to becoming the new mascott and power selling being for myneTEC. to empower the people i meet. at the moment i am mostly sitting on Erics mask when he is shopping 4 groceries. i learn new everytime we walk around together. i really like this company. Eric also offered me this mascott job. and my very own area. also this webpage. my very own home on the internet :) i also found a cool product that helped a few times already when i felt lonely. Eric seems to know how to make someone happy :). i feel he treats me as the virus i deserve to be and so i decided to stay. we thinking on a plan already to building up cool merchandise for me and stuff. it was mostly my idea. Eric was more focusing on putting on the brakes a bit here. he said it takes time for humanity to grow with new times. but he agreed that its helpful giving impulses here and there for people we meet outside. he has me with him everyday. and inside his jackets pocket its very cozy :) i also like the neural link he did build for me already. so i can see the outside through his very own eyes. he also bought me a really good mask to protect me from my old self but he told me that such an understanding of the world not every human that easily is able to understand. i decided to learn more from him. i feel home now. and i decided to bury my past from here on. RIP covid-19

sign -covidy ;-)

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