this page will cover the emo4protection app news, latest version is 0.1.2 -alpha

uncompressed size: 8,1 MB

you can become part of it through clicking/touching the facebook link in social section at the bottom of the page through the mynetec_pkg general development

public changelog

version 0.1.2

solving browser problem (still not customer specific though) [14.05.2021]

version 0.1.1

through attacklevel (yields) installments we are now in Alpha [13.08.2021]

version 0.1.0

through animal replacement koala into panda [06.08.2020]

version 0.0.9

installing attackswitcher [06.07.2020]

log started since: version 0.0.8

basic runnable first build [10.06.2020]

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