is this company a startup?

it may look like just one but we have to inform you its not

this is just a general small reduced frontend for things already running

what differentiates it from a classical startup approach, as for them its all about finding ways to get the business running and generate necessary income streams for staying it running. while myneTEC was established based on existing streams from doing business with a lot of different things in the past. it was just directed into this single thing under this naming for the corporate identity it also became a billion USD company already recently

it was decided on purpose choosing a more slower approach for going life with things. we deal with money in basics and this had to made sure first, cause a stream for money is one thing while fine tuning it for specific tasks is a complete other story and this takes a lot of time to tune into but now that its settled, and necessary time for simulations ended you should understand it more like a strong tree that just was mostly hiddenly planted.

and now reached a point to show himself to the world

it was the best decision to ensure this tree did not just get destroyed that easily by classical and common ways of how to establish a business and company on the internet based on experience with and experimentations for such things and approaches the founder of myneTEC did in the past

how can i becoming part of that company?

at this given stage we are mainly focused on better and extended frontend buildup for the customers with future shop integration, but should you be interested more you can contact us via support@mynetec.com anytime ;)

is everything here just in english?

given the stage yes. but also on purpose. reason for this is the nature its based onto as this was part of the original business plan as well

more locally things will follow through time automatically but it was decided to stay with english as much as possible and long enough

to make sure for grow potential gathered into new things later.

adding another language isn't that big of a deal and done quite fast, while establishing necessary groundbase structure takes years to buildup. so this was and is still a main focus for everything you see on this website.

plus we welcome everyone that wanna take his part into this changing it into a more local approach for his own used language set

otherwise you should leave this website and search for something else with some other company or business people. change is and was never a problem. this was long planed and we will undergoing further change through time as well.

as its a normal thing when growing something bigger. known under the word pivoting

the key element is having your lowest based structure stable and ready running otherwise you would just produce a simple "castle in the air". and this is not how this company was founded and not the vision it was founded onto. so it takes time to build up solid things and in necessary quality level

just be a bit more patient ;)

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