page covers the manager interactions for webinterface (under DEV..)
latest version: 0.2.1 (beta devel stage, uncompressed size: 5,8 MB)
written in python3.8

you can become part of it through clicking/touching the facebook link in social section at the bottom of the page

public changelog

version 0.2.1

candyshoppers creditlock now implemented [10.06.21]
finish() now running with safety for daily, week, month [11.06.21]
feedback now on upgraded Deletion process and bugs fixed [13.06.21]
pause() into automatic cleanup household now implemented [16.06.21]
fixing bug in cashscanner() causing wrong month stats [02.07.21]

version 0.2.0

implemented user freetime task with cashflow 20 linking [17.04.21]
started guake multiterminal user config buildup serverconn [09.05.21]
10 into with some error handling [12.05.21]
cust. specific currency implement. same with officeprograms [14.05.21]
local performance feedback now with website linking 4 pts [17.05.21]
upgrade trading function and riskmanagement in cashflow 2 [24.05.21]
mynetec config edit in cashflow 300 added [28.05.21]
fixing cashflow 300 bug by adding workdone automation [29.05.21]
some testing and playing around with the config files [01.06.21]
upgrading daily, week, month and adding some automation [02.06.21]
upgrade window1-5() in bootmenu to access DEV [03.06.21]
writexp in xpapp ["" ]
bugfix & new install 4 stats with cipher [09.06.21]
server connectivity now fully customized with config file [10.06.21]

version 0.1.9

mostly github and DEV synchronisation works

version 0.1.8

socialplugin functionality

version 0.1.7

admin module buildup (construction_START: 04.05.202; fully working since: 27.05.2020 this version)

version < 0.1.7

basic runnable build & user customization

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