this section will cover everything related the new myneTEC cli + android apps already under development...

news and interaction can also be done via

we cannot give you precise launch date for it yet, but the manager should be ready by est. around summer 2022

the other projects may take a while longer to be able for mainstream

pictures and demo videos are starting getting attached to the appropriate project

If you don't wanna wait, starting from since 02.04.2020 we offer you insights for development stages with an automated scoring system it is based on as being part of the "development manager known as: mynetec_pkg" just follow the before mentioned manager link ;) :

we also recommend you in the meantime starting your journey with coinbase (san francisco USA located company) android app suite

they are in the following order:

myneTEC has already been an investor into helping building those apps in the past and we are happy to now be able in giving access to this for everyone that wanna join the cryptospheres through us as well. have fun with it


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