The Problem

since all this cryptocurrency hyping and company establishing started to occur, it was obvious very fast that most of the ideas to build something new and for future generations of people, just dealt with basically: well, money.

even today after most of its momentum got deflated it seems there are rare opportunities for good things that have come to live since then. and the most important question was and is till today still unanswered:

how is all this crypto thing helping me extending and optimizing things for my own life? building up things for myself and more important:

why does this crypto sphere still just seem to care more on the talks when interacting with people into all this, instead of showing valuable and graspable products for them? in other words real value?


well the fact that every currency, and the crypto sphere is making not much difference here to this based in it's rock bottom nature! Is still just plain and simple money, is not changing this

and sure everyone also has to watch and taking care of this part when doing business with others too. but its also true there still seems to be a missing gap for giving real valuable things to people and customers while not just focusing on selling mostly words isolated to em. (we still have to make an exception with this website, cause without deeper understanding through words, it is difficult to explain and understand things. But it still makes a lot of difference what once being used and in what way expressed! and we hope to give you therefore a good and first deep enough understanding for everything)

the more you dive into all this the more you learn it may be best to find out exactly this for yourself. but this is where the real Problem then starting to occur:

you dont necessarily have all the needed time for it and if you wanna get benefits from using this tech, a solution has therefore to be given to you.

thats where myneTEC is starting to kick in.

we are on purpose not one of those typical fancy styled and designed crypto companies, we are not interested into selling you things that wont help you making even one single dime in building up better things for yourself we are not interested into telling you things that wont help you.

but what we are capable of: giving you easy simple and efficient access to things that work and the things we build ourselves will be exactly customized to your own life based needs

what enables you to say it gets you really into an interesting tech time for the 21st century. with a company that untangles all the complexity into simple working solutions. so you can taking an own part into all this without getting sucked into something you would not be happy with anyways.

finally those words you already read are your first proof how things work at this company! and as good things coming to live will take it's time. you don't have to worry with us of a loosing out or left behind!. you won't regret ;)

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