terms of service

the customer and user of myneTEC products and services is herby accepting our appropriate business mentality and coporate law rulesets, based on common international and local laws Regulations

given the stage to this webservice you can contact us via support@mynetec.com anytime for discussing further issues potential improvements/complainments or other things regarding our services

we won't hesitate in getting in touch with you and finding a suitable solution.

a customer that decides in going the legal way without contacting us first via e-mail will be automatically redirected for the apropriate lessons to specific institutions that are specialised in dealing with such mean behaviour on the internet in general. such things are not for discussion and we are interested into finding the best solution for a problem in general should someone having one with being unsatisfied for a product or service we offer.

furthermore we soon will integrate cookies as well with apropriate information popping up for the website user to inform him or her about this. as long as this is not build yet, mentioning it in the terms like now has been done, will be it's logical next step to it. After this will be settled this information block will be altered appropriately for it

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