XP-app (Android)

news for the new XP-app under devlopment
latest version: 0.0.4 (still in pre-Alpha though)
uncompressed size: 34,1 MB

you can become part of it through clicking/touching the facebook link in social section at the bottom of the page

public changelog

version 0.0.4

  • spinner interlinked with chip element and working [19.05.2021]
  • chakra color customized using colors.xml file in value folder [21.05.2021]
  • spinner animal choosing now using a switch statement instead of an if [21.05.2021]
  • adding the animal pictures 4 drop down list [04.06.2021]
  • chakra color now working for toolbar too [05.06.2021]
  • timer implementation 4 worktask [07.06.2021]
  • extending into new file called: ChakraColor [08.06.2021]
  • extending into new file called: WorkTimer [10.06.2021]
  • activity exch. now running in one direction [17.06.2021]
  • smartphone linking connection improved [10.01.2022]
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